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Foundation repair was something we were dreading, but the Lansing Foundation Repair Experts made it simple and stress-free. They showed up on time, and we were overly satisfied with the results and the price.
--- Terry Johnston
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Reliable Foundation Repair SERVICES 

Residential and commercial foundation repair you can afford 
Industry-leading crawl space restoration services: encapsulation & vapor barriers
Complete foundation repair methods like sump pumps, French drains, & more

Fixing Foundations RIGHT

Every foundation job starts with a meticulous inspection performed by expert contractors
Valuable house leveling services that include slab jacking*. We keep your foundation stable
Trusted concrete and pier & beam foundation repair, restoration, and new installation

Hiring Us Benefits YOU

Our company has been repairing foundations and waterproofing basements since 1997
We only use top-rated tools, equipment, and materials, so your repairs will last a lifetime
Offering the most competitive prices in Michigan. Get a FREE estimate today!

Our Foundation Repair Company Takes Foundation Repair Seriously

Lansing Foundation Repair Experts has the experience you need to feel confident in our capabilities. Your foundation is the most important component of your home. When it's cracked, has leaks, or is no longer leveled, you need a reliable group of contractors to efficiently address the problem so that it gets repaired quickly. Some foundation repair companies simply put a bandaid on the problem, but we address the source so that it never returns.

Our company focuses on quality workmanship, integrity, and communication with our customers. If you have a question for our contractors, you can be sure you'll always receive an honest, straightforward answer. We're a fully licensed and insured business that follows all state, local, and federal laws surrounding the foundation repair industry. We're a team of hard workers that never cuts corners.

Are you looking for foundation repair by specialists that always get the job done right the first time? Get in touch with our team today to schedule your FREE foundation inspection and estimate. 

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The BEST Foundation Repair in Lansing: Services for Every Need

Are you seeking residential foundation repair at your Lansing home? Whether it's your home or business that needs an inspection, you can count on our contractors to thoroughly get the job done. We offer foundation restoration services, basement waterproofing, and much more that you need for the prices you want. In addition, we have interest free financing options that can assist you when you're in a tough spot. We want you to get the sturdy foundation you need to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe. 

Foundation Repair

Have you noticed a crack or leak in your home's foundation? If so, Lansing Foundation Repair Experts can help. We are masters at fixing foundational cracks so that they never return. Our team gets to the root of the problem.

Crawl Spaces

Your crawl space is an excellent place for storage. However, if it isn't waterproofed, you can expect all sorts of trouble to arise. Our contractors specialize in encapsulation and vapor barrier installation for crawl spaces.


Do you have standing water in your basement or crawl space, and you don't know how to get rid of it? We do! Our company utilizes different basement waterproofing methods that keep your spaces high and dry.

Basement Repair

Cracks in basement walls and floors typically signal a concrete foundation repair need. These cracks, unfortunately, almost always lead to leaks. Don't worry! Our contractors thoroughly inspect and repair your basement foundation.

Residential Services

Residential foundation repair is our specialty. We offer all aspects of restoration, including crack & leak repair, house leveling, basement services, and crawl space care for your home's foundation.

Commercial Services

Just like your home's foundation is important, so is the foundation integrity of your commercial property. We have the industrial tools and equipment to repair, restore, and replace even the largest foundations.

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FAQs About Foundation Repair

Are you new to the world of foundation repair? That's OK! Our qualified team of foundation repair contractors has prepared a FAQ section for you to read. If your questions cannot be answered below, we invite you to visit our blog for more information or give us a call.

How much does it cost to repair foundation problems?

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost to fix foundation issues is around $4,033. However, this price can be as high as $10k when foundation damages are extensive.

Are foundation repairs really necessary?

In short, yes! Damaged foundations almost always lead to the destruction of other parts of your home's framework. You could see sagging floors, bowing walls, and windows & doors that no longer open or close properly when a foundation is left to deteriorate.

Is it safe to live in a house undergoing foundation repair?

Typically, it is fine to remain in your home while its foundation is being repaired. You won't notice any vibrations or distractions other than the noise of the tools and machinery being used.

Learn More About Our Incredible Foundation Repair

We strive for perfection in every job that we do. Your residential and commercial foundation is important to us, and we vow to fix it correctly without cutting corners. Our company offers a variety of foundation repair for Lansing property owners like crawl space encapsulation and French drain installation so your basement will no longer flood. If we can't fix it, nobody can!

Meticulous Foundation Inspections Before Foundation Repair in Lansing, MI

If you suspect that your home's foundation is a bit off base, our contractors will perform a no-cost inspection to determine the problem. There is no sense in trying to fix foundation cracks and leaks without knowing what caused them in the first place. Our contractors are experts at inspecting foundation systems.

We also offer insurance and new home buyer foundation inspections. Our team will work out all the details with your insurance company and lender and send both you and them a complete report of our findings. We take the burden of paperwork and phone calls off your shoulders.

Michigan homeowners that need help with foundation issues are encouraged to contact our family owned business at the first sign of trouble. Our extremely professional contractors will assist you through the entire process. The free inspection that starts the service determines the proven solutions we will use to provide you with excellent advice about promptly fixing your foundation.

Are you worried about the cost? Don't be. We have interest free financing that allows you to get your repairs now and pay for them over time.
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expert foundation inspection for foundation repair lansing
prior to foundation crack repair lansing

Do You Need Foundation Crack Repair? Our Contractors Can Help!

Cracks in your foundation are nothing to neglect. Sure, some cracks don't amount to much, and it is true that all concrete is susceptible to cracking. Our contractors will look at the characteristics of the cracks to determine the severity.

  • Are the cracks vertical or horizontal?
  • What is the width of the cracks?
  • Are the cracks leaking water?

You can depend on us to find the root cause of your foundation's cracks and address the problem at its source. We will then patch up the cracks and stop the leaks using industry-leading tools and materials. Are you ready to schedule an appointment today?

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Is Your House a Little Off-Balance? We specialize in Leveling as a Foundation Repair in Lansing

Foundations that are off-balance can lead to all sorts of structural problems that will end up costing homeowners big bucks to fix if left neglected. Our foundation repair gurus offer solutions to get your home standing on level ground again. We promise a fantastic job, or you'll get your money back. We've been serving the Mitten State for decades, and that's because we provide great service at a reasonable price.

House leveling and slab jacking services are customary for our crew. For whatever reason, concrete foundations sometimes shift and settle and require leveling. It's a foundation issue that you definitely don't want to deal with on your own with an untrained eye. You can have confidence in our team to correct the problem with your foundation systems utilizing measures to ensure it doesn't reoccur.
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basement foundation crack repair lansing

Basement Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

Are you noticing cracks in your basement floor and walls? Perhaps, those cracks are starting to leak, and you've had standing water in your basement and excessive moisture. All these issues seriously threaten the integrity of your foundation and other structures. There's good news, though! Our team can correct the problem through repairs.

Once we determine what has caused the damage to your basement foundation, we'll fix the issue and then put in complementing measures to ensure our repairs never come undone. Basement waterproofing is something that we specialize in, and it includes sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and French drain installation, depending on your situation.

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Superior Slab Foundation Repair

Concrete slab foundations are designed to have some sort of grade beam or rod around their perimeter. A slab with a grade beam is also known as a monolithic slab. When the beam or concrete becomes compromised, damages can occur, and professional repairs are necessary. Not all foundation systems last forever, and our solutions to your issues start with a free estimate and detialed assessment.

We will consider different soil types, drainage sites, etc., before developing a repair plan. Commonly, our contractors will use concrete piers, steel piers, drilled piers, and mud-jacking to repair a slab foundation. 

Would you like to learn more? Visit our blog today. Find a plethora of information not only about your slab foundation, but also details regarding all types of foundation systems situations like bowing walls or acquiring basement waterproofing to protect your structure for years to come!

*Slab jacking services available weather permitting.
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slab jacking foundation repair Lansing
pier and beam foundation repair lansing

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Lansing that You can Trust!

During pier and beam foundation repair, our contractors will address problems with the treated lumber that holds the foundation atop piers or blocks. It is imperative for residential and commercial property owners to hire a contractor with experience in pier and beam repair and installation, as this type of foundation differs greatly from concrete slabs.

Lansing Foundation Repair Experts has the experience necessary to get the job done right without any issues. We'll evaluate your pier and beam foundation and determine how the damages occurred and correct those issues before making our final fixes. You'll be left with a sturdy foundation you can trust.

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Top-Rated Foundation Repair in a Neighborhood Near You

We believe that every home and business owner should have access to professional foundation restoration services, basement waterproofing, and crawl space care.

Our prices are always affordable, we're licensed and insured, and we care about the integrity of your structure. If you have a foundation need and reside in or around the following service areas, please, give us a call now for a FREE estimate.

East Lansing
Grand Ledge
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Are You Standing On Solid Ground?

A stable foundation free of cracks and leaks is what matters most to Lansing Foundation Repair Experts. We offer fair prices and free estimates. Call us at (517) 296-6174
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