High & Dry Foundation Waterproofing in Lansing

Superior Waterproofing of Your Lansing Foundation Begins & Ends With Us!

Stopping leaks is what we do BEST.

Having standing water or any kind of moisture in your basement or crawl space is not normal and should be addressed by a licensed foundation specialist. Our team of contractors has many years of experience in waterproofing Lansing foundations and knows exactly how to tackle your particular problem based on your foundation's age, type, and root problem.

We only use industry-leading tools and materials to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Water can cause severe damages to your foundation, basement, and crawl space.

Once these areas are afflicted, you'll soon start to notice the manifestation of other structural problems such as mold growth on walls and floors, foul odors, and concrete cracks. Lansing Foundation Repair Experts is ready to assist with all of your waterproofing needs. Call us now to schedule a FREE estimate.

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Lansing's #1 Waterproofing Services

Excellent Basement Waterproofing in Lansing is Our Top Priority

We start with a FREE consultation to assess your basement and determine a treatment plan that is known to work, followed by an estimate. Not every basement is the same; your Lansing waterproofing service is unique to your situation. There are several methods to making sure your basement stays dry, and they include:

  • Crack repair
  • Sump pump installation
  • French drain installation
  • Interior drain tile system
  • Exterior waterproofing membranes

Our contractors cannot stress enough the importance of finding the source that's causing your wet basement. It's vital that we make this repair before taking any waterproofing measures, or they'll simply be putting a bandaid over a bigger problem that will eventually return. We invite you to learn more about basement waterproofing by visiting our blog.

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Professional Crawl Space Waterproofing in Lansing

Your Lansing crawl space requires waterproofing measures regardless if it is used for storage or not. Moisture in the crawl space invites rodents to take up residence under your house, and it also encourages mold growth. Mold has this funny way of infiltrating the upper levels of your home with airborne spores and foul odors. Here's what we have to offer:

  • Encapsulation - Covering the entire crawl space with a waterproof tarp, including the opening
  • Vapor Barrier - Same concept as encapsulation but the opening of the space remains uncovered
  • French Drain installation
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Crack Repair

As a homeowner, you have different crawl space waterproofing options to choose from. Our contractors will help you determine the best method for your situation during your FREE consultation. Can we set you up with an appointment today?

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Expert French Drain Installation for Your Lansing Yard

Surprisingly, the French drain did not come from the land of fine wines and baguettes. Instead, it was developed by Henry French, a MA judge, and farmer, in the 1860s. This incredible invention served as a successful drainage system for ditches and subterranean cclay piping systems.

The invention is still used today and makes an excellent yard drainage system for homes and commercial properties. So what exactly does the French drain do? Well, the basic concept is that the drain directs water away from your basement.

The system is buried underground, typically in stone, so you'll never see it. Don't worry; our contractors will not leave your landscape a mess. If you think your watery basement issues are due to underground moisture, call our team for an evaluation. We're here to help!

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Affordable Lansing Sump Pump Installation

One of the most popular ways to quickly remove standing water from a basement is sump pump installation in Lansing. We offer a variety of pumps, including primary and battery backup. Depending on how large your basement is and the amount of water present, we may need to install more than one sump pump.

Our contractors will assess the situation and make a professional determination. Not only do sump pumps remove existing water, but they prevent standing water from occurring once they are in place.

If you notice your basement filling with water after a heavy rainstorm, you are probably a great candidate for sump pump installation. Our team will check for cracks and repair them before we make the installation. We offer FREE consultations and estimates, so you know exactly what to expect. Call today!

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Foundation repair was something we were dreading, but the Lansing Foundation Repair Experts made it simple and stress-free. They showed up on time, and we were overly satisfied with the results and the price.
- Terry Johnston

Lansing Waterproofing at a Service Area Near You!

Lansing Foundation Repair Experts is happy to work in the Lansing service areas of East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Dewitt, Mason, and Charlotte. If you have a foundation need, we're here to deliver high-quality services that are meant to last a lifetime. You can count on our contractors to be competent, hardworking, and always friendly. Get in touch with our team today to schedule your FREE estimate.

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Are you ready to take charge of your foundation damages before they worsen? Lansing Foundation Repair Experts is the company to call for an honest day's work. Call us at (517) 296-6174
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